This sports analyst won 3 out of every 4 bets he placed in the last 3 months

And so did the 611 bettors following his tips

Here's how you, too, can CASH IN on his tip for the next big win

Dear sports fan,
How do you place your bets on sports events?
Do you go with your gut, or your favourite team? Do you go with who the media thinks will win?
Wait. Let me guess...
You go with what the bookies advise, right?
Let me ask you this: What has your success rate been so far?
If your answer’s “dismal” or “let’s not go there”, then your strategy clearly isn’t working for you.
It’s alright.  Most of the people I come across have the same story to tell.
In fact, I’ve been there myself.
The idea of big money draws you in, but you forget you can just as easily lose all of it.
You go with what the bookies tell you, only to get duped and depressed.
You brag to your friends about the bet you just placed, only to feel stupid when you lose.
And that’s why I’m writing to you today.
What if I told you there was a way to increase your odds of winning every time you placed a bet?
Or that you’d get tips from someone whose success rate is so high, in the last three months alone he won three out of every four bets he placed?
And not just him, but 611 of the loyal sports-bettors who follow his advice…
Would you be excited?
Well, I’m telling you now!
There is a way to increase your odds of winning every time you place a bet using his advice.
And you can start cashing in on his tips in a matter of minutes…
How do I know this?
Because that sports analyst is me, and today I’m inviting you to discover exactly how you can go from “zero” to hero in the world of sports betting…

Here’s how I can turn your sports-watching experience into a party for your bank balance

For the last three years I’ve helped sports fans like you take their sports-watching experiences into money-grabbing opportunities.
And not just for the sports they love to watch, but sports they’ve never even heard of… Or like!
I’ve taken people who’ve been betting unsuccessfully for years to increase their wins and minimise their losses.
And these sports fans and bettors (I call them my betting crew) have seen their bank balance go up and their lifestyle injected with a dose of “fantastic.”
And today I want to do the same for you.
Because here’s the honest truth.
It’s easy.
It doesn’t take time.
And you don’t need pots of money.
Let me tell you something about sports betting.
It’s actually for the smart bettor.  It’s not a game with a fixed “house” edge where the casinos rake off a fixed percentage of your wins.
And it actually requires more skill than luck.
If you’re a gambler, the best thing to compare it to would be live poker. 
You won’t win every time, but the skilled bettor has a huge advantage over the recreational bettor.
Because he avoids doing the two things almost every amateur bettor does:
Placing a bet without thinking about it; and
Getting sucked in by emotions, greed and gimmicks
Like the skilled handicapper in live poker, the skilled sports-bettor does the research.
Lots and lots of research.
I know what you’re thinking… 
“Well, you just told me it was easy and wouldn’t take any of my time.  Now you’re saying to make any money there’s a lot of research involved".
Well the answer is: It won’t take any of your time and it is easy because…
YOU don’t have to do any research to win at sports betting…

I do all the research so you don’t have to
That’s absolutely right.
You won’t have to do any research to win at sports betting because you’ll have me right there with you.
You’ll never have to “study form” or calculate odds.
You won’t have to look at stats or crunch any numbers.
You won’t need any special knowledge or experience.
In fact, you won’t even have to watch a single game, race or match if it doesn’t suit you.
All you’ll need is a run-of-the-mill cellphone that can receive text messages and make phone calls.
And that alone, my friend, will give you the power to be a skilled sports-bettor!

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Turn your cellphone into a MONEY-MAKING MACHINE!

All you need to do is go about your normal day, and when you receive an SMS from me telling you who to bet on, call in your bet!

And in case you’re one of those people whose tunnel vision prohibits them from seeing anything but their computer screen, don’t worry, I email you too.
There’s more though.
I don’t only tell you who to bet on, but how many points to bet.  And the amount you choose to put down per point is totally up to you.
It’s that easy!
Here’s what an SMS from me looks like.

#Bet 1001

Bet = MB

Outcome to win: Poland & Germany

Bookies: WSB

Odds: 43/25

Stake: 1 Point

Ends: 12 June 2016 @ 18h00

See mail



Now that happens to be a tip I sent for the soccer on the 12th of June 2016
And if you were following my tips back then and acted on the above SMS exactly the way I instructed, you would have turned R1,000 into R1,750.
On the 17th of June, I sent a UFC tip:


#Bet 1003

Bet = MB

Outcome to win: Cirkunov, Bosse & Covington

Bookies: WSB

Odds: 101/50

Stake: 1 Point

Ends: 19 June 2016 @ 00h45

See mail



This tip would have turned your R1,000 into R2,020.
Why is this important?
Because if you followed my exact recommendations, you’d have already made R1,770 in just two weeks!
These were just two of the nine tips I sent out in June.
I also sent out six other tips for boxing, rugby and soccer… And guess what?
They all banked points!
0.68 in total to be accurate.
Add that to the 3.74 points banked from the two tips I showed you and you could have turned R1,000 into R4,420 in June alone!
Of course, this is if you bet R1,000 per point.
You could have easily bet R100 per point, and still had big time gains.  The amount you bet is dependent on your comfort level.
And I haven’t even told you the best part yet.
What you win, you keep!
Just think…
You could be sitting at your nearest Vida e Caffé having a coffee when my SMS comes through…
Making money’s the last thing on your mind when you’re sipping your cup of awakening, but suddenly you can bank an extra R500 and the weekend doesn’t seem so far away.
Or you could be sitting on the Gautrain…
Surely this is the last place you could imagine making money. But my SMS comes through on your phone and you’ve just scored the opportunity to make R800.
Or you could be toiling away at work…
Your phone beeps. No, it’s not your wife calling you to complain…  It’s me.  And now you can plan an elaborate dinner-date to cheer her up with because I’ve given you the chance to make over R2,000.
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I hear you saying, “Hmm… This does sound incredible.  But why should I trust you?”
And that’s a great question. A valid one. It’s one I’d ask too.
So here’s the truth of the matter.
I could tell you how I’ve been doing this for three years now. And it’s a good point to make because very few tipsters have kept at it for very long because they can’t sustain a long-term, consistent profit.
And that’s what makes me different.
I’ve maintained a STEADY PROFIT throughout the past three years

How have I done this?
Because I don’t always go for the big teams, or the obvious matches.
Remember I said my betting crew often bet on players and teams they’ve never even heard of… And so will you when you start receiving my texts.
Here what’s great about that.
Sometimes, little known sports events fly under the bookies “radar”.  They don’t expect people to bet on them so they pay little attention when setting prices.
And that, my friend, is great news for us!
Don’t get me wrong.
It doesn’t mean we’ll go after “mispriced” long shots or big bets. That would be the work of someone far less experienced than me.

Whenever I send you a tip, it will have guaranteed profit potential
For example, you’ll see most of the tips I give you are tennis-related. 
 And here’s the reason: In tennis, there’s always a guaranteed winner.
You see, even though it won’t take longer than 10 minutes to place a bet after you receive my SMS, I care about the time you put into it.
And I’d want the tip I send you to be worth that time.
So if a match or game is drawn or forfeited, you just wasted your time. You’ll get your money back, sure, but that’s not what my tips are for.
I want you to make money.
That’s why generally, you’ll see roughly four out of five of the tips I send you are tennis-related… So your chances of making serious money are higher.
And that brings me to another important point.
If you’re not prepared to lose, then sports-betting isn’t for you
Look, sports-betting isn’t for everyone.
No matter how great my track record is… 
Or how much my betting crew raves about my service –The Winning Streak – because of the gains they’ve had… 
Or how in-depth and accurate my research is…
There’ll always be some losses.  Only a few perhaps… But some – yes. And I reckon you’re smart enough to know that.
If you look at my track record you’ll see that my betting crew won 67% of the bets I tipped them on.
As high a percentage as that is – in fact, it’s phenomenal in the betting world – it still means there were some losses.  But the trend was consistently upwards.
And that’s what matters.
Bottom line: Sports betting isn’t for the faint hearted.
One of my subscribers actually sent in an email to me at The Winning Streak saying:
“This is not for the faint hearted, but if you want to make fast money, doing very little ‘work’, there simply is no better way than The Winning Streak.”
And I couldn’t agree more.
Take a look at what some of my betting crew have to say about The Winning Streak…

“I have managed to make this a total pool of around R22 000 and have just paid for my December cruise to Mauritius because of this…”
– N.G. – Randburg
 “I am R3 022.50 up in total across all four betting sites. (75.56% gain on all bet deposits - also in part thanks to the head start of registration bonuses from 2 of the Bookies). I have recovered my entire years' service fee with TWS and have earned almost double the interest I would have earned on a bank savings account".
– M.M. Johannesburg
“My total bets on 3 tips was R1 000 and I more than doubled it.”
- H.S. George
“My gain thus far is 76% (including my loss). Thanks… Keep the tips coming!”
– Dirk van Wyngard

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Like them, here’s your draw card…
YOU have an advantage when it comes to betting because I’LL BE RIGHT THERE WITH YOU
When you get on board with The Winning Streak, you won’t be alone.
I’ll be right by your side, and my team and I will always be ready to help you with any problems you may have.
I give my betting crew exactly the same service… And it’s the least I can do for you.
There’s another benefit you can add to your list of reasons to get cracking today!
You’ll always know there’s someone who’ll give you useful, timely support by email or phone whenever you need it.
And you’ll know you won’t be betting blind.
You’ll be going after bets I’ve investigated thoroughly.

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How much more assurance could you need?
Wait, I’ll give it to you.
You can test-drive my service for 30 days with NO risk… Except to the material on your wallet that may stretch from bulging
No, you’re not reading wrong.
You can receive my tips for 30 days and if you find you aren’t happy with your gains of R1,000 – R3,000 or more… A week… Simply cancel your subscription and I’ll send you a prompt refund for every cent you’ve sent me.
It’s not too good to be true.
I gave every one of my betting crew the same assurance… And they took the time to decide The Winning Streak was, in fact, for them.
So I urge you to take the 30 days too.
Let me tell you exactly what you get when you become part of my betting crew.

Weekly opportunities to make serious cash… And REAL-TIME notice…
Once I’ve done the work and spotted an opening, I SMS you immediately so you can place your bet well in time.  Of course the faster you do this, the better.
I also never send you tips for the sake of it. It’s just not how I operate.
But if you take a look at my track record since April, you’ll see on average I banked 0.76 points per month… Now, if you’d banked those points with me at R1,000 per point, you’d be up R2,280 today.
An electronic Winning Streak rule book…
Call this book your betting go-to.  It explains exactly how the odds system works, so you can be positive you hit every single bet.
It’s filled with information that’ll change the way you look at betting and let you bet with confidence – from the very beginning!
A free electronic insider’s view to the bookmakers I recommend…
The Bookmaker’s Insider is a bonus report that won’t only give you information you can use to start betting on the spot, but has a list of which bookmakers to use… AND I’ve negotiated special offers for your sign up with them!
Members only weekly email
I send you an email every week telling you what sports events you can look forward to, an update on recent results of the tips I sent you… And additional tips to further increase your understanding of certain features of sports betting.
The way I see it, you’re always learning in this game… I still am!
And when you have success stories to share, this is where I share them!
So you’ll always be motivated.
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Can you say no to a RISK-FREE offer like that?
My guess is no.
And I’ll tell you why.
You’ll be able to see the money-making potential of my service with your own eyes before deciding to commit to it.
You might sign up and just follow the success of my tips without placing a single bet…
My tips might prove excellent, in which case you know you’ll profit for months to come.

"I've been following The Winning Streak Sports Desk for a while now, and I’m STILL amazed to see the level of devotion they give to their work… And the consistency of their results."
"That's why I believe these guys are the best sports betting tipsters working in the world today - bar NONE - and I've seen hundreds.
"And it's why I'm delighted to publish their Winning Streak service - and happy to underwrite their full, unconditional 30-day money back guarantee - it's a chance for you to see how well their tips perform before committing financially to the service.
"So I say to you: please think very carefully indeed about taking this opportunity to join the Winning Streak while it's being offered.
"If you've ever wanted to make easy money from sports betting, this is your golden opportunity!"
~ Annabel Koffman
Group Publisher
Fleet Street Publications

Or they won’t, in which case you won’t owe me a single cent.
You might even get rewarded by my tips for 30 days and then decide to walk away anyway… The choice is entirely yours and I couldn’t stop you even I wanted to!
But the truth is this:
I’m confident that when the next beep of your phone brings you gains of R500, R1,000, R3,000 or more, you’re going to want more.
Why else would I offer such a big guarantee?
After all, I’m a statistics fiend. And I trade in probabilities. 
But you don’t need to be to know that when anyone sees their bank balance growing in front of their eyes, week after week, they’re going to want it to stay that way.
I darn near would!
So you have NOTHING TO LOSE when you become a Winning Streak member except the chance to add some quick cash to that wallet of yours.
Let me be clear.
You’re not going to be retiring, buying a Lamborghini or going on a trip around the world in 30 days.
But my tips, along with the free electronic reports and weekly tips should make you enough money to:
  • Take your wife out to the most upscale restaurant in town and buy the most expensive bottle of champagne on the menu…
  • Finally take your family on that luxury safari weekend you’ve been promising them…
  • Put away for a rainy day…
  • Sort out those pending bills that have been giving you sleepless nights…
Or you could spend it all on wire puppets!
What you decide to do with it is your business.
My business is making you money so you can enjoy it… However you like.

  YES! Sign me up now

And that brings me to a very important point.
You’re probably wondering exactly how much it will cost you to be a member of The Winning Streak.
Well, when you consider what you can make every time you get an SMS from me, you’ll be shocked to find out that…
You can start receiving CASH-GENERATING TEXTS for just over R8 a day!

R8.30 to be exact. 
And that’s the short and long of it.
R8.30 a day will give you access to hundreds and thousands of Rands to put in your pocket every month.
That’s R249 a month.
Or… If you want to ensure your whole year is filled with lucrative texts from the get-go, that’s R2,988.
And I think that’s a very fair deal.
But I urge you not to take time deciding whether to try out the service or not.
You could miss out on dozens of opportunities to bring in some cold, hard cash.
And I wouldn’t want that for you.
So there’s really nothing more for me to say except:
What do you have to lose?
Sign up to The Winning Streak today, and you’ll see the difference in your bank balance in the next month.
Heck, if you don’t, you get a FULL REFUND!
I look forward to injecting your life, too, with a dose of “fantastic.”
The Winning Streak Team
P.S. Don’t take too long deciding… 
If you take your time procrastinating about joining The Winning Streak, you could miss out on your chance to cash in on the next big win.
The last thing you want to find out is that the month before you joined, I banked 4 points for my betting crew.
4 points that could have been yours too.
Join today, and you’ll never miss the opportunity to bring in EXTRA, TAX-FREE money… Or brag to your friends about it.

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Secure Order Form

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• You’ll also receive a free electronic report, The Bookmakers Insider, which will give you all the information to start betting straight away – see the special offers we’ve negotiated for you and sign up with the recommended bookmakers!

• Educational tips and our thoughts: In addition to email tips, we’ll send you weekly emails updating you on recent results and occasionally include additional educational tips to give you a better understanding on special aspects of sports betting. Read our members’ only weekly email and you’ll know what to expect when your phone “beeps”!

Our risk-free 30 day guarantee – If for any reason you’re not 100% elated with the profits you’ve made – and the support you’ve received – let us know at any time in the first 30 days, and we’ll refund every single cent of your purchase – no questions asked.

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